Holly’s Senior Session

We had a great time hanging out with Holly. She is a lovely, cheerful lady and an amazing golfer. We met up with her at a local golf course, and the early morning light and the course were  perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day! We love how the photos turned out. Thanks so much Holly for such a great shoot!

Building our Portfolio!

We need your help.
We’re shaking up our photography business with some fresh ideas that really speak to what we love most about photography. See, we love to document events. Stories.
Photographers make this happen every week with weddings and such, so the question loomed, why can’t we make it happen with everyday people?
Light bulb.
So we have the idea, now we just need the stories.
That’s where you come in.
We are looking for clients that would be all about us walking through your story with you (read on for more about what this looks like). And because this is a new direction for us (and for our portfolio), we are offering a limited number of sessions at a pretty solid discount. How many and how much, you ask? Read on for the details!
What’s included?
In a nutshell, two shooters hanging out with you on location for a few hours (typically between 2-3, depending on the shoot).
By “on location”, we mean somewhere that ideally has some significance to you…something we would talk through in our pre-session consultation.
Yes, there is a pre-session consultation. Really more of a low key get-together actually. It’s a great time to relax over coffee and cookies (or some other such delicacy), but more importantly it’s a time for us to get to know you and the story we’ll be telling.
When all is said and done, you’ll be walking away with a final showing of around 30-40 images (15 of them full resolution, and all printable up to 4×6) with rights to print, share, and show off as you please.
The ideal client?
We’re looking for any of the following really: couples (young, old, and everywhere in between), young families, individuals, best friends. Who you are is secondary to having a story to showcase. If this is you, we’d love to meet up to talk through some ideas!
What kind of story?
Your story.
That’s it. We want to tell your story.
What comes to mind that describes you or your family? What is something you do everyday that you know you will always look back on in years to come and remember? What is a favorite activity of yours? Do you have a go-to outing as a couple, or is staying in more your thing?
These are just a few of the questions that will come up when we meet up prior to your shoot.
What’s the rate?
How many sessions?
We’re looking for 4 to 5, max (available now through the end of December), with a good bit of variety amongst those 4 to 5.
Just a final word really:
We are so excited and eager to get started! It’s been a long time coming as we have both grown over the years in photography, and as God has continued to give us a growing passion for it. It took those years to come to this point right now knowing what we are supposed to be shooting and why. Thanks in advance to those of you that take part in our story and allow us to tell yours, we really couldn’t do it without you!

Ava turns one

Little Ava. What a sweet little lady.

Not that long ago (well a year) it seems like we were just taking her newborn pictures. One year certainly flew by.

For her big birthday celebration there was cake to be eaten, balloons to enjoy, presents to open and lots of family around to love on this sweet little girl. The theme of course was Elmo- a favorite of Ava’s.

Newborn days

I wanted to share a very special newborn session with you. A precious little boy, who is so very much loved. 

And he’s ours. 

Our newest son was born on August 27 in the wee hours of the day. At just 12 days old we were able to shoot this session with him. He did great, slept like a champ! Isn’t he precious?


to view more photos of this sweet little boy visit us on facebook. 🙂

Carrie’s mama project {personal}

For a while I (Carrie) have been wanting to pursue a personal project for many reasons. One reason was to help me become a better photographer, to learn more about my skill, both technically and creatively and to push myself. At this season in my life, babies are on my mind. Seeing how I am carrying our second son, pregnancy is all around me! I have been blessed with several mama friends who are also expecting new members into their own families.

For this reason, my heart is moved towards mamas. Second, third, forth time mamas. As special as it is to have your first baby , there is something unique all on it’s own about welcoming another member to your home. For me it’s going to be a big change going from a family of 3 to 4. No longer will our son be the only child we love on and play with, but we will have another little boy to join the fun! We are thrilled about this, but in my mama heart I know I want to cherish these days before we welcome baby boy #2.

My feelings and thoughts along these lines lead me to start this personal “mama” project. I chose to go into expecting mama’s homes (after I asked who would be interested in this session) and just photographed them with their little ones now, as they awaited the arrival of a new baby. The feelings and thoughts surrounding me are surely shared among many mamas as it’s always a change when a new baby arrives.

This was session one of my mama project. (to view more thoughts from this session please visit Carrie’s blog at http://photojournalofcarrie.blogspot.com/ )

Sweet Fernanda and her little girl Olivia, awaiting the arrival of baby brother.

One Year for baby A

Our one year shoot for baby A seemed to come rather quickly. We remember back to the maternity pictures we took of his mama, and it’s amazing how quickly time flew from that point to here. We have been able to watch this little guy grow up, and here he is walking, running, exploring, eating, laughing and climbing. I know everyone says they grow up fast, and trust me I have seen this with our own son, but it’s beautiful to be able to sit down and physically see this through photos. What a wonderful way to reminisce!

the S family

We had a blast shooting this family session for the S family. With four kiddos we knew it was going to be fun! What a special family they are, personal friends of ours, and it showed. Talk about relaxing. I think this happens sometimes when you add more kids to your family, and I am all for that. The session took place in their home, and while many of these were more portrait style, we loved how they came out. We feel we captured the family and the kids in their more comfortable environment- their own home. Beautiful family inside and out!