Baby F

Taken at just over 10 days old, this little wee one was captivating. We are smitten with this one….because he’s ours 🙂


The F Family

Such a sweet family. It was a beautiful fall day and the F family did wonderfully. The little’s had fun running outdoors and we were able to capture some great expressions. Loved working with this family.  I can hardly even … Continue reading

Baby S at one month

Baby S is a beautiful little girl, and she did fabulous on her first (actually second, outside the womb!) shoot. She was a beauty with all that dark hair- her daddy is going to have to protect her from all the boys later in life!

Baby J

Big baby J. He was a big boy at birth weighing in close to 10 lbs. But my what a chunky sweet boy. Love love love, rolly babies, and J was rolly!

Such a good boy too. He did fabulous on his first official photo shoot!

Baby E

Baby E was a tiny little doll. I was reminded of how very different boys and girls are, even at this tiny age. The delicate little features, and the tiny little movements were so sweet.

She was a natural too, looking right at the camera, getting her good side.

The A family, beautiful!