The B Family

Family. Love. God.

These are a few words that come to mind when we look back over the photos from our time at the B family household. We loved seeing this family at home, at play, at their everyday ordinary happenings.

A family of six- all brought together by God’s hands. Three boys, one girl, one busy mama and daddy.

This family has a heart for God and it’s evident in their home, in their words, in their actions and in the way they live their lives.

Choosing to adopt not one but two little ones to add to their family of four isn’t an easy decision for some. But for them  the decision came easy- when viewed through the eyes of the One they serve. These children are being raised to not only hear of God’s love but to see it lived out by example in their mommy and daddy.

Thank you B family, for the short time we had with you. It was a pleasure, it was a delight. And we hope we were able to show a glimpse of how special your family is and how love filled your hearts.  🙂

Brannon_family_01 Brannon_family_08 Brannon_family_02 Brannon_family_03 Brannon_family_10 Brannon_family_11 Brannon_family_12 Brannon_family_07 Brannon_family_05 Brannon_family_19 Brannon_family_20 Brannon_family_13 Brannon_family_23 Brannon_family_14 Brannon_family_22 Brannon_family_17 Brannon_family_18 Brannon_family_28 Brannon_family_29 Brannon_family_30 Brannon_family_25 Brannon_family_24 Brannon_family_26 Brannon_family_34 Brannon_family_36 Brannon_family_31 Brannon_family_32 Brannon_family_33Brannon_family_37Brannon_family_52 Brannon_family_53 Brannon_family_54 Brannon_family_55 Brannon_family_42 Brannon_family_43 Brannon_family_39 Brannon_family_40 Brannon_family_45 Brannon_family_46 Brannon_family_49 Brannon_family_56 Brannon_family_57 Brannon_family_58 Brannon_family_63 Brannon_family_64 Brannon_family_68 Brannon_family_69 Brannon_family_65 Brannon_family_66 Brannon_family_71 Brannon_family_74 Brannon_family_73 Brannon_family_75 Brannon_family_77


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