the boys {personal}

Just another day at home. dsc_7848 dsc_7853 dsc_7871dsc_7873 dsc_7875 dsc_7881 dsc_7889


our thanksgiving {personal}

We spent Thanksgiving day with Jonah’s side of the family at his Grandmas house. Love how relaxed it is there. It was a beautiful day and we took advantage of it by spending some time outdoors- picking and eating pecans fallen from the tree, shooting a spontaneous photoshoot of family (as well as a portrait of us), chasing a random dog out of the field we were trying to take pictures in, loving on cousins (actually third cousins), eating good food and testing out our new gun. Good memories.

Carrie’s mama project {personal}

For a while I (Carrie) have been wanting to pursue a personal project for many reasons. One reason was to help me become a better photographer, to learn more about my skill, both technically and creatively and to push myself. At this season in my life, babies are on my mind. Seeing how I am carrying our second son, pregnancy is all around me! I have been blessed with several mama friends who are also expecting new members into their own families.

For this reason, my heart is moved towards mamas. Second, third, forth time mamas. As special as it is to have your first baby , there is something unique all on it’s own about welcoming another member to your home. For me it’s going to be a big change going from a family of 3 to 4. No longer will our son be the only child we love on and play with, but we will have another little boy to join the fun! We are thrilled about this, but in my mama heart I know I want to cherish these days before we welcome baby boy #2.

My feelings and thoughts along these lines lead me to start this personal “mama” project. I chose to go into expecting mama’s homes (after I asked who would be interested in this session) and just photographed them with their little ones now, as they awaited the arrival of a new baby. The feelings and thoughts surrounding me are surely shared among many mamas as it’s always a change when a new baby arrives.

This was session one of my mama project. (to view more thoughts from this session please visit Carrie’s blog at )

Sweet Fernanda and her little girl Olivia, awaiting the arrival of baby brother.